Whine whine whine

Language Log takes a nice look at Pledge break psycholinguistics. Confession time: I haven't given to my local NPR or PBS stations in years. Yes, I enjoy their programming but I hate whine week to such an extent that when Channel 13 stopped their "we won't whine if you donate $X by this date" campaign, I gave up.

Also, why donate during the umpteenth viewing of Suze Orman or Visions of [Country] instead of Masterpiece Theatre or Mystery or Frontline, programs I actually will watch? Those "specials" are as annoying as the interminable pledge "break"! If anyone with any influence on the program managers reads this, suggest a Mystery-a-thon or a rerun of, oh, The Pallisers. I'd pay good money for those.

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Anonymous said...

I thought that I was the only person annoyed with the pledge break programming so it's refreshing to see you feel the same as I. I haven't donated in several years and, although I hadn't taken the time to analyze why, I think you've now diagnosed my problem!
I'm also hooked on Last of the Summer Wine