On a roll

It's clear from my last few posts that I've been talking, indirectly, about manners and "the way one does things". There have been a few posts that I've read that also are talking about this, so perhaps it's something in the air, or a mental spring cleaning.

Terry Teachout wrote about the people he goes to events with that are late. That's one of my personal bugaboos, and I try to get places early. When my friends are late I find it problematic, particularly if I'm left waiting outside for a while. Granted, the subway and things out of one's control happen, but in that case, leave early.

Having said that, there are times when I've been late and my chagrin is perhaps greater than others might think it should be. Being late isn't just inconsiderate, in my mind, it's an indication of how little the person or event means.

The other article generating comments is one from the San Francisco Chronicle about bloggers apologizing to their audiences for not posting. There is a point here: if you don't have anything to say or are on vacation or are sick, who cares? Is a blog really so important that a lack of posting needs a neon sign calling attention to that fact? But as Sarah Weinman points out, blogs are different than , say, a newspaper column. They've become conversations... destinations... and when they're not updated regularly, the people that rely on their daily (or hourly) dose miss out on that.

In a sense, it's the same thing. If you're going to be late (by not posting as per usual), don't you owe it to your guests to let them know?

New era... new etiquette.

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Aravis said...

I have found that when someone doesn't post to their blog for a while, some of their readers worry about their well-being. So I think it is best if I'm going away on vacation to let my readers know, or to apologize for an extended absence. Despite what some might think, there are people who do care about the blog authors whose entries they read.

Excellent point to highlight, thanks!