I've just finished a disappointing book (no, I'm not going to name names here). It was by one of my favorite authors, one of the earlier books he wrote. Usually I read his stuff with delight, but this one just confused me all the way through. Luckily, the next book I'm reading is also one of his, and it's more up to the quality level I expect.

I know there are actors out there (Michael Caine, famously) that take jobs because of the money. Bruce Willis has admitted that some of his choices are made so that he can take a lesser paying role in a film he feels passionately about (Nobody's Fool, for example). But an author?

Ok, the Barbara Cartland's of this world churn out their stuff at an incredible rate and who cares about the ultimate quality. And the genre writers can get a bit tired of the series and not give it their best effort. I understand that. But there are some, this one in particular, that have a certain reputation and have consistently delivered a certain quality.

This one book leaves me feeling cheated of both time and effort, not to mention the money I spent to purchase it (only available in England, for some odd copyright reason). Very annoying, isn't it?

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Aravis said...

Having just come from TRP, I believe I know to whom you are referring. I haven't read this particular book, and now I won't. He happens to be an author that I have always enjoyed as well, and I wouldn't want to spoil it. Perhaps, as it is an earlier book, he was still trying to find his footing and decide whether or not he wanted to commit to the path he had begun. Having written this book, he concluded to take the direction he ultimately took. I don't know. But sorry that you wasted your time and money. Thanks for sharing, so that I wouldn't do the same!