When I was a naive young thing at my all-girls boarding school, I read a number of romance novels (ok, ok, some were closer to porn). I haven't forgotten them: the story of one, who's name eludes me, has embedded itself in my memory as possible the Worst Plot of a Romance Novel Ever. Now Beth comments on how they've warped her view of Doing It.

How many others are out there, suffering as I, and Beth, did? (รพ: Sarah Weinman)

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Karmon said...

Warped me, without a doubt. The first romance novel I read was Black Lyon by Jude Devereaux. Years later, I found a copy at a used bookstore and bought it. I later moved on to the harlequin variety. While the books gave me an unrealistic expectation of nookie, it also allowed me to realize there was a huge world out there (populated with rich, interesting, self-assured men who are waiting to seduce me into marriage). What fun!