It takes so little

It's still fairly chilly here in the Big Apple, despite the sunshine. Add to that various free-floating anxieties about life and work and, well, it's feeling very grey right now.

BUT then...

I get out of the subway on my way to work, and there's a promotion for the show Jake in Progress. It's only been on once or twice (maybe) and I've not watched it but I think the conceit is that we (the audience) are watching a date unfold in "real time", much like on 24. The promotion people are giving away flowers. Nothing expensive, nothing fancy, just a simple daisy.

And suddenly, things feel just a little less grey.

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Aravis said...

It's nice how it's often the little things that mean so much, as the little things are easier to come by than the big things.

I'm glad you had your daisy. :0)