Don't you hate it

when your personal life takes over? I mean, here you are, a reasonably intelligent person with important things to do, and *wham* all this personal, emotional stuff just floods in?

That's what the past week has been like for me. I was on break, getting somewhat unbustled and unplugged - not to mention getting all sorts of things done - and then the emotional hit came. I felt personally betrayed and professionally adrift, and feeling like you do when you're at the beach, standing about ankle deep in water and the wave starts to pull out, sucking the sand from under you. That sense of being pulled in deeper into the abyss... of losing your footing... that's been the past week for me.

It's taken since then to start to come out of it. Some progess has been made through personal reflection, some through conversation with others. But it has been progress and, hey, small steps are ok. One realization is that I need to try to separate my emotional and professional life more. I don't mean that I need to learn not to cry at work, I mean that I need to not take the professional stuff so seriously. As one of my friends says, "It helps not to care."

So in addition to unbustling and unplugging, I'm going to work on not caring. Stay tuned for progress on all three.

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