Say it ain't so

Sarah Weinman asks Goodbye, NYIBC? Words can't express how upset I am about this. Several years ago, I approached a booth for something called The Readers Vine - an on-line group of people discussing books and book-related stuff.

TRV ceased to exist in 2001, and a group of dedicated, hardworking volunteers took over, creating The Readers Place. I've made so many good friends through this community, it saddens me no end to see that what helped "matchmake" is ending.


Notable Quotes

If you take the 'w' from 'answer', the 'h' from 'ghost', the second 'a' from 'aardvark' and the 't' from 'often' you can say 'what' and no one will hear you because they're all silent letters.


Notable Quotes

Replacing logic questions with writing is perfectly in keeping with these instant-messaging, 500-cable-channel times, when the emphasis is on communicating for the sake of communicating rather than on having something meaningful to say.


Notable Quotes

"Books are doors that lead into the street," Patricia would tell her. "You learn from them, educate yourself, travel, dream, imagine, live other lives, multiply your own life a thousand times. Where can you get more for your money. Mexicanita? And they also keep all sorts of bad things at bay: ghosts, loneliness, shit like that. Sometimes I wonder how you people that don't read figure out how to live your lives."

Queen of the South, Arturo Perez-Reverte


Virtual vs hard copy

Michael Allen comments On the road to virtual, how publishing has changed to deal with virtual print and publicity.

As I said yesterday, printing out a copy works better than reading on-line. Glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks that way.