What to do?

Aravis wrote recently about being given books to read by well-meaning friends. I, too, am reading a book that a friend recommended (taking a break from the new YA foothill).

This is a real conundrum for readers: what do you do when a friend "insists" that you read their latest fave (or a book that they think you'll really respond to)? I've been lucky, in that most of my friends that recommend are those that share my tastes. Sometimes, as in the case of Justine (Durrell, not de Sade!), I've had to struggle for a little, but then the beauty of the work has started to work it's magic and I've gulped the book down. But most of the time there's been no struggle - it's been pure pleasure from page one to the unfortunate ending page.

The books that people say I'll respond to, that I'll see myself (or family/friends in) are more problematic. A close family member told me that they saw our family in The Prince of Tides. To this day I don't see it, and I'm a little scared to find out exactly what was meant by that comment!

Choosing books wisely is important. Equally important is choosing your book buddies.

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