Links Galore

  • It's winter, it's gloomy out and you're rarin' to put new stuff on your iPod. Schoolhouse Rock offers playlists with a theme ("New England v. Michigan" and "Disability Awareness Week" are two examples) and the djs give links to further information! Then there's the 2004 PoOPlist, where pompous and opinionated people list what they thought worth listening to last year. It's never too late to catch up.
  • Banterist is doing his best to help language evolve with The Starbucks Glossary.
  • The weather outside is frightful and you're thinking it's time to get away to somewhere warm and fun. Disneyland: 50 Years of Souvenirs shows you what you've missed if you haven't been to the original. (þ: Neat New)
  • Are you an Anglophile when it comes to telly and cinema? If so, screenonline is the place for you. (þ: Neat New)
  • When you get stuck in an airport due to delays, you need to know how to sleep in an airport. What a great resource!

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