OGIC pointed me to these thougths about a life Filtered.

I have to confess, I'm intrigued. What would life be like if I did the same? Would I read more or less than I currently do? Would what I read change to reflect my lack of knowledge about what's going on "out there"?

How would my professional life be affected? I imagine it would suffer, since one of the job requirements of "school librarian" is that you be aware of what's going on. Newspapers and magazines are critical for that.

I also asked myself how "filtered" this person's life could be if they blogged. Clearly they're not as out of it as they might claim!


Aravis said...

Hm, he may be writing his blog without reading others. He does mention writing as one of the pleasures he does more of.

I disagree with the idea of unplugging from the world to the extent that he takes it. However I agree that watching a little less TV and spending a little more time with family and outdoors is a better use of time. When I was a kid living in Texas I would fly back up north every summer and spend it with my grandparents. They didn't have television, and those summers were some of the happiest of my life. I read more, played more, hiked and explored the world more. We played games and picked berries, went on picnics and did all sorts of things. In the past year I have begun to turn off the TV a little more and to read a little less in order to get out and spend more time in the world around me. I have't been sorry.

But I couldn't go as far as he did. Not at this stage of my life. Perhaps when I am his age I'll be ready to take it to that level, but not now. :0)

Jenni said...

"I also asked myself how "filtered" this person's life could be if they blogged. Clearly they're not as out of it as they might claim!"

That was my first thought as well, LG, when Aravis pointed me towards the Filtered posting after she found it here on your blog.

Lazygal said...

I mentioned this to some friends this weekend. We agreed that cutting back was a good idea (I *do* watch waaaay too much tv, and there's no reason to read all those the magazines/newspapers), but that shutting yourself off is just not a good idea. Part of being a citizen is to be aware of the issues, and you can't do that if you don't pay attention.

Having said that, I'm equally leery of those that narrow their news/information sources to those that spout a line they agree. To be really informed, you should allow information that you don't agree with, opinions that make you scream "you moron!", etc. into your life. Just so you get that well-rounded thing happening.