Thinking about God

Sometimes things just sort of hit you over the head. You know what I'm talking about: suddenly "everyone" is talking about something, or you'll see three of the same thing in the space of an hour. It's a little too much to be coincidence, but it certainly can't have been planned, can it?

For me, God featured in my on-line life today. First, there was an article about The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience (รพ: Arts and Letters Daily) and then one of my listservs (which is, admittedly, prone to discussions of religion and God) mentioned this column in the Chicago Tribune, where Eric Zorn explores what relationship God had to the recent tsunami (scroll up and down for several different ideas/takes/positions).

The juxtaposition of these two articles, on the same day, got me thinking more about my relationship to God, and morality. I've been pondering a post about blogging and ethics - perhaps this is the impetus I need to put fingers to keyboard and get it done.

Watch this space.

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