Sadly true

The irresistible, singable, stick-in-your-mindable jingle is dead
But the jingle, as anyone with a television knows, is a vanishing art form. It is too quaint, too corny, too oldschool for our ironic times. Naming your product in a commercial for your product is just tacky, say advertising executives. Modern pitchmen prefer pop songs that create a mood or spark an emotional association or conjure up some sort of vague but potent lifestyle-oriented craving that, if all goes as planned, attaches to a product and translates to a sale.
Unfortunately, I'm not paying enough attention to the product to associate it with a specific pop/rock song. And then there is the curse of the overexposed song, or the song that just doesn't match the product but is so "now" that the ad-guys just have to have it for their commercial.

Equally sad is the fact that I'm not the target audience. Apparently my advanced age has made me brand-loyal (which isn't true, for any and all ad guys out there), so ads that appeal to me are incidental. Of course, that doesn't quite explain all the ads that actually pertain to people my age but never mind, I'm supposed to enjoy whatever music they use as aural background.

I miss the jingles. I'll bet that a product that created something new and memorable would do well - the ads would be talked about, the jingle sung, and everyone would be happy. Pity my vote doesn't count.


Aravis said...

As I was falling asleep last night this post of yours suddenly popped into my head and I started giving it some more consideration. I still hear jingles on commercials, but really only in commercials for local companies. You're right, the major corporations go for the pop/rock/country music trend. The thing of it is though, like you, all I hear is the music in those ads but I couldn't tell you what they were selling for the most part. I could tell you that the Pontiac G6 uses "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash, but only because I love the Clash and thought it was cool of the car company to use it. Usually however, I couldn't tell you what they're selling. :0P I prefer jingles.

Lazygal said...

The only Clash song that even came close to working in an ad was "London Calling" for Jaguar. But even then it's about a 2 on a scale of 1-10.