Oh, do I know what he means!

As some of you know, I'm looking for a job outside NYC. When asked why, I fumble for a response - I like falling asleep listening to crickets rather than car horns, the feel of grass beneath my bare feet, the quiet after a hard day's work, etc.. There are usually skeptical glances and I know that I haven't accurately explained myself.

Then along comes this post from Likeks:
I love some bustle. I prefer to commute to the bustle, however, not be embustled 24-7. Myriad options are nice, but I suspect that 84% of these options consist of “ethnic food, readily available,” and the other 12% are made up of museums and concerts most urban dwellers rarely have time to attend... All well and good for the big things, but when you’'re also competing to get across the street, get noticed in line at the deli, get your cart down the narrow grocery store aisle, and all the other ordinary details of life, you get either tired or cranky or both.
Now I can just point people there and not say another word.

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Alice in Infoland said...

So you're saying you want to be disembustled?
I think it may well be more a state of mind than an actual place.