Links Galore

  • I know it's early to think about Father's Day gifts, but Banterist is featuring a great idea: The Apple iPad. I may even get one for myself.
  • So, you love British accents. The question is, which one? (þ: Language Hat)
  • If the Sunday morning screaming heads and other assorted punditry are your thing, if you can't get enough "informed opinion", then you should check out memeorandum: Fresh brewed news plus stewing views. (þ: Weblogg-ed News)
  • And, while you're at it, GovTrack.us is the perfect site for tracking legislation, links to blogs about the various bills, stats and voting. What more could a good citizen ask for?
  • When was the last time you played Twenty Questions? Now you can vs. a computer at 20Q.net (þ: Neat New)

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