Maude links to these posts about a new bill regarding miscarriages.
Representative John Cosgrove has recently introduced a bill to the Virginia legislature that will make it a misdemeanor crime for any woman who's experienced a miscarriage - at any stage of gestation - to fail to report that miscarriage to local law enforcement personnel within twelve hours.

Most people that have miscarriages are upset - dare I say devastated - by the loss. And now they have to tell the police about it? Hello???? Most women don't announce pregnancies until after the first trimester because miscarriages are so common. And now, under this law, if they fail to report one it's a crime?

We should all be outraged that someone would even think up such a thing. This has nothing to do with being pro- or anti- choice. It has nothing to do with "blue" or "red". It's sheer idiocy.


Anonymous said...

while cosgrove is a moron to even think of this what would kill it would be to have doctors/hospitals responsible for the reporting. maybe if they were part of the equation you'd see all their donation receivers jump all over it.
hate to say it but leave it to a man to come up with an idiotic law like this.

Farah said...

The obvious "passive resistance" to this one would be for every woman in Virginia to report each time she menstruated. After all, you never know.