Can you help?

The OED Newsletter's December Appeals mentions the following words they're looking to update:

hoodie (n.: a hooded jacket, sweatshirt, or other garment) antedate 1990
pick up (v.: break up or dig up with a pick) postdate 1894
pitchable (a.) interdate 1486–1939
pivotable (a.) antedate 1899
plantswoman (n.) antedate 1968
plausibilize (v.) interdate 1655–1984
poseable (a.) antedate 1965
posedown (n.: the final stage in a bodybuilding competition) antedate 1978
quad bike (n.) antedate 1989
scrunchie (n.) antedate 1989
tikka masala (n.) antedate 1975

They also mention that they've discovered that overachiever dates from 1939 rather than 1953. I wonder who the first overachiever was?

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