Year-End Thoughts

I'm not a maths person by any stretch of the imagination, but I can read some stats and interpret them.

For example, I'm really pleased to see that the readers of this blog are not all MSIE users: 34% of you perfer some other browser (and, really, for the 66% of you that are still using MSIE all I can say is WHY???? Try Firefox. Really. It's so much better.)

Another stat that pleases me is the number of returning visitors. There are 19 of you that have visited over 10 times! Quite possibly that number is higher, but some of you may have your cookies off and appear as new visitors each time. In either case, thank you. Even though you don't comment regularly (if at all), knowing that someone is reading this makes me happy. I hope I don't disappoint you in 2005.

In the "imponderable" category is the 25% of viewers that are not from America. I think that's because of Blogger's "next blog" function, and because of skewed search results. Still, bienvenue, wilkommen, néih hóu and czesc.

Happy 2005 to all!

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Aravis said...

Thanks for everything LG. Happy New Year!