Links Galore

  • You know that song in that commercial, the one you really like but can't figure out who sings it or where to find it? Check out Adtunes.com - they'll have the answer.
  • Of course, there are a lot of fake bands out there, so you better double check. As the site says, "[f]inally, all the fictional bands and singers from TV and movies listed in one convenient, scarily obsessive place. Why? It's the Internet, stupid! The Internet was created for such things as this!" (รพ: Research Buzz)
  • If you celebrate Christmas, tomorrow (or Sunday) is the day when you start to thank people for their generosity. Before you do, take a few moments to check your handwriting against the best available.
  • Some of us don't use Google as our everyday search engine. Which means we miss the Google Doodles. Lucikly, we can go here to catch up! (How long will it take for Coke to claim infringement?!)
  • Finally, a little something to make you feel completely stupid.
Merry Christmas!

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Aravis said...

Merry Christmas LG! *hug*