It's nice to be needed

I've been thinking quite a bit recently about technology, information, blogging, etc. and heard a great term for what I'm starting to feel - media obesity. In previous incarnations, this was known as "data smog" or "information overload". I think now, with the plethora of ways to get information, "media obesity" really fits what I'm feeling.

For example, I have DTV at home, with 200-300 channels. I have an iPod with 2500 songs (and more stored in my iTunes). I have a T1 connection at work that gives me fast access to the web (and however many gazillions of pages are available) and databases. While I'd like to believe I'm judicious about what I'm watching/listening to, I suspect I'm not. And, let's be honest, if there are that many pieces of information coming my way all day, every day, how much am I really taking in?

Worse, how much am I really enjoying and learning from?

It's time to do some serious weeding.

Today, this article crossed my path. William Brody writes
Massive information overload is placing librarians in an ever more important role as human search engines. They are trained and gifted at ferreting out and vetting the key resource material when you need it. Today's technology is spectacular — but it can't always trump a skilled human.

Have you hugged your librarian today?
I am a librarian who knows how to "ferret out" quality resources. It's time I did it for myself, not just my patrons. And then, I'll give myself a big hug.

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