Venti = "Weasel Snot"?

Confused by the new terms for "small", "medium" and "large"? Language Log takes a look at Latte lingo.

I have to agree with their comments. It's much like that AmEx Gift Card commercial where the snotty saleswoman refers to "flavors" instead of colors. When did good, old orange become "pumpkin"? And what's with all the names for blue? Even my Crayola box didn't have those colors! Sometimes I wonder if I should be looking for a "Venti Cashmire Cerise V-neck with No Cables" when I go to the LL Bean site or into Bloomies.

It's bad enough that at 5'4" I have to get "women's petite" clothing (and doesn't that sound like an oxymoron?!). Can't we just use the words we learned years ago? Let's take back our language! Who's with me?

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Debby said...

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