Stop the world

I want to get off. Why? Because sometimes, things happen that make you wonder what happened to the world you once knew. For example:
I just don't understand. Do you?


Aravis said...

All of these things are enough to give me pause. The only thing I would add though has to do with the NBA story. This is in no way a defense of Artest, believe me. I could give you a good long rant on the pay and the behavior of professional athletes. I'll spare you that one, for now. *G* In this case though I feel a need to be fair and point out that fans who throw things at the athletes are unacceptable as well. That does not give Artest or any other player the right to jump into the stands and attack. However something also needs to be done about fans out of control. This time it was a cup. The next time it might be something a little heavier, a little more dangerous, and that isn't right either. Athletes' behavior has gotten out of control, and now fans' have too. Some order needs to be restored across the board, and for all sports. Just my $2.00 worth. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should go back to the days when the games were played in cages (hence "cagers"). The JFK thing is just sick.