A long night's journey into the unknown

  • These are cool: no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, you've got to love the BBC Interactive Electoral College Map. C-SPAN has another map, showing slightly different results.
  • The view from Canada can be found over on Colby Cosh and at Macleans. My favorite line? "As I type this, Ralph Nader, who has already received more minutes in screen time from C-SPAN than he did votes, is droning on about how great Canada's voter-registration and balloting systems are. Sure, I agree, but it's like hearing a homely, aggressively dumb girl explain in detail what a hard, throbbing crush she has on you."


Anonymous said...

That is a good line.

The BBC map is very good. Especially the historical data, although they muff 1992 by not showing how many votes Ross Perot got.

I "watched" the election coverage last night by turning off the sound (take that, Tim Russert!) and checking the returns from time to time while I Played a computer game.


Lazygal said...

EB, I went to sleep at my usual time (9-9:30ish). Watching the results has been a nightmare since Carter conceeded before California closed.