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Number Inflation
What has happened to big numbers? Units aside, a sizable amount of something used to be counted in the hundreds. One thousand was Grand. Tens of thousands were quite enough.
Erica has a point. Everything has gotten larger: we "supersize" our food, our cars, our houses, our lives.

What happened to appreciating the little things? Even something Real Simple is really large (and expensive). This weekend they sponsored Get Organized New York, a huge tag sale in Central Park. While I applaud the thought and the charity it supports, why do we need the opportunity to get even more stuff in our lives?

I'm thinking of scaling back. Ok, perhaps not the books. But the other stuff: appreciating the simpler things; taking time being quiet and at rest; not spending every penny I earn - these all sound very appealing right now. Why? I think it's because of the frenetic pace of our oversized lives. Who really needs to buy meals in a bag and microwave them? What's wrong with buying the individual ingredients and making your own, fresher and better tasting dinner?

More on this experiment as it unfolds.

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