Christopher Reeve.

I met him once, back in 1985. He was visiting Circle Repertory Theatre, where I was working. At the time I met him, I was doing concessions in the theatre in Seventh Avenue South. The space for a lobby was a bit cramped, and the brick walls were lined with framed posters of the famous Circle Rep productions from past years.

Christopher Reeve was not a small person and it was hard for him go be unnoticed. Despite this, he tried to blend in by sort of huddling along this wall. One of the other patrons noticed him and asked me, "Is that Superman?". Hearing this, Chris started, knocking several of the posters off the wall, and his attempts to fix things just made it worse. In a flash of inspiration, I said, "No, that's Clark Kent," causing Chris to bolt into the theatre and hide in the lighting booth.

Several seconds later the stage manager came over to me laughing, saying that whatever I'd said had really rattled Chris. That's how I remember will him, a normal guy caught in an abnormal situation and horribly embarrassed by it. Not as the man in the wheelchair, and not as the movie star.

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Aravis said...

Thanks for posting this. I always think of his performance in Somewhere in Time rather than Superman. I really liked him. I was shocked and saddened to learn of his death this morning. Like you, I think of him more as a person than as a persona.

I'm so sorry he's gone.