In case you thought I was kidding when I blogged about this, the Little Professor reports that she's >:-(.

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Aravis said...

While I will use the occasional emoticon in a letter to a friend or family member, I would never dream of using them in a school paper. It is true however that it was just a matter of time.

Several parents of children at a local elementary school are upset with the way the kids are being taught. Proper spelling and grammar are not emphasized, nor are they taught how to use a dictionary. The teachers feel it is more important that the kids get their ideas down on paper, however it may read. The real problem begins when they reach 8th grade. The English teacher expects that these kids will be able to write proper term papers without any spelling or grammar mistakes. If they don't know the meaning of a word, or how to spell it, they should look it up and use it correctly. Of course, they are usually unable to do so due to a lack of previous instruction! The kids start to fail and the 8th grade teacher feels very frustrated. She knows they will have to have these skills for high school at the end of the year, and she has to spend more time on this area and less on other materials she should be covering. This has been going on for a long time now, but the only one who seems upset about this is the teacher. Of course some of the parents are too, but many feel that she is simply too strict. If little Jimmy's or little Susie's work was good enough for the other teachers, it should be good enough for her as well. Nevermind how they hamper Jimmy and Susie with this judgment.

Sorry, didn't know that was going to turn into such a rant!