Notable Quotes

There's one other benefit to fine writing, even if consumers don't know they're buying it. We are slammed by too many things happening in real time, as theorist Richard Powers writes. I'll just offer a handful: split screens, multitasking, news strips beneath the TV news, muting ads to have a hasty conversation, my pedometer talking to me as I walk to the fridge listening to my MP3, top 10 lists of lists, the notion that all stories have two sides.

Only when you are lost in a magnificent book, film or other work of art are you "in the flow." You have left real time behind. As Mr. Powers writes (evoking great emotion in me), "You hit that last sentence and look up. Humbert Humbert is in the train seat in front of you. Charles Bovary is beside you in the hospital waiting room. La Belle Dame sans Merci checking you out as the doors slide open and you step off at your floor."

Time is transcended. For once, we rest.

"The good things in life shouldn't be free", Heather Mallick

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