It's the end of the world as he knows it...

The seventh sign: Hear ye, hear ye, I come to proclaim the end of the Internet. The signs have been on nigh for some time--classmates.com pop-ups, the rise and fall of Friendster, the Star Wars kid--but those were mere harbingers of a greater, more insidious threat.

My mom has a blog.
I come from one of those "early adopter" computer literate families (first computer: Commodoer PET, my sister works in Academic Computing and my father taught a course on "How to Build a Computer and Use It") and yet, oddly enough, I'm the only one with a blog. How would I feel if my mother started a blog? I don't know. Let's hope I don't find out. (þ: Confessions of an Ideosyncratic Mind)

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