It's about time (let's hope it lasts... and deepens)

The cover story of the New Statesman asksCan Islam Change?.
The Muslim world is changing. Three years after the atrocity of 9/11, it may be in the early stages of a reformation, albeit with a small "r". From Morocco to Indonesia, people are trying to develop a more contemporary and humane interpretation of Islam, and some countries are undergoing major transformations.
It's not just 9/11, it's Darfur, it's Beslan, it's the fatwa-driven reactions to almost anything that presages change and modernization.

Karen Armstrong's The Battle for God is a good look at how all fundamentalists, be they Christian, Muslim or Jewish, react in much the same way to challenges. Now, however, with radical Islam wanting to take the bloody route back to the Caliphate (and possibly earlier - would they really want to not reconquer the Iberian ?) as well as impose their vision of life on all of us, the stakes are higher.

It's good to know that some are allowing these recent tragic events to shape their thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

along these lines it was almost a relief to see that arab news organizations, both govt and private, condemned the recent massacre of children in russia by, as some put it, "so called" muslims. it appears that the moderate face of islam has to come from the grass roots in many places as govt's are trying to hold power
and keep the status quo. this will, sooner or later, cause many clashes and more blood will be spilled but the alternative could be too much to imagine.
while it might behoove some to say if these people want to live in the 10th century let them it should be apparent that socially they (the ones to call the shots) want to but with the curse of modern day weaponry.