Interrupting my day of rest

I've changed some things on the sidebar. For example, I've placed a link there to encourage you to change from IE to Get Firefox! Why? Because it's safer than IE and just as easy to use.

The other changes are mostly on the things I'm watching and listening to, as well as some sites I find fun. wordful (รพ: Language Hat) will even help you chose a name for your blog!

Now back to being lazy.

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Aravis said...

Thanks for the link back to my site. :0) Also, I downloaded firefox the other day after coming across one of your posts on it. I'm using both browsers (great for seeing how my site looks from different browser views) for now, but am getting more used to the firefox. For one thing, though I have the latest version of IE, I can't see favicons on it. I can with firefox. It is intuitive to use, always a plus. Thanks for the tip!