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Squeamers: "When did liberals become such political hypochondriacs?" asks James Wolcott. He posits that it might have something to do with the loss of the traditional Democratic base, the factory/union workers and the transformation of the party into the Party of Yuppies, but agrees that this is too facile an explanation.

Watergate might have something to do with it: the extreme sense of betrayal people felt at the lengths to which CREEP would go to re-elect Nixon.

The increasing lack of across-the-aisle fellowship in our government is another factor. Can you imagine this scenario now?
LAMB: Well, what was Bob Dole doing endorsing a Democrat?
STROTHER: Incredible. What that is, is an example of what was compared to what is. The Senate at one time was a completely different institution. I learned about the Senate from these two guys, Monaghan and Dole, of course, but from John Stennis and Lloyd Benson.

They were a group of people who admired and respected each other, and Dole found out that I was filming Monaghan, walked by the room, said hey would you like to film me saying something about Russell Long, that`s an easy thing to do, and came in the room and sat down next to Monaghan, and I saw that as a great opportunity. But it just shows the difference in the violent partisanship that exists now and the comradery that existed in the late `70s and early `80s.
I can't.

Noam Chomsky's convinced that we already have Osama, and that he'll be "captured" in time for a November surprise. Ralph Nader's getting a lot of his support from Republicans who want to ensure Kerry's loss. There's a vast right-wing conspiracy against liberals.

Sometimes I think the British system, with the shadow cabinet issuing responses to the government-in-power's policies and statements would be best. It can't be worse than what we have now!

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Anonymous said...

while I think the points made can be valid it seems that it's more of a "I have mine, tough" attitude. the selfishness of American politics will be the demise of our political system if we can't get leaders instead of poll readers, trailblazers instead of safety net operators. this current election is the prime example as we have 2 parties both eager to navel-gaze on 30 years ago as it's safer to do that than actually discuss relevant problems of today whereas they might get shown as the hollow, uncaring people that both candidates seem to be. from what I'm hearing in discussions with various people everyone's getting more and more disgusted with cheap shots, slogans instead of plans. while this may be a tight election i'm starting to wonder if it'll be tight with a smaller turnout of voters because it's all just starting to blur together.
this could be the epitome of "cusinart politics".