Exactly what do you mean by "diversity"?

If you live in New York City, or commute in, often you are overwhelmed by the free handouts. When I leave the subway in the morning, people handing out Metro and amNew York are standing there, ready to increase my reading matter. Yesterday a representative of the New York Sun was also there, and I took a copy. In it, I found a series of letters responding to an article written by Mr. X, telling him You Are Not Alone.

Why did Mr. X feel alone? He was a - gasp! shock! horror! - Upper West Side Republican. In a city that celebrates diversity of religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, size, economic status and a bunch of other "othernesses", being a Republican is anathema.

This is particularly true in education, as illustrated in The American Enterprise. My Republican colleagues and student at work have to decide if they should be closeted or suffer continual comments ("such a nice girl, it's too bad she's Republican" is one I've heard several times).

Given the animosity, the blind rage and hatred of President Bush, I expect to hear more of this as November nears.

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