Don't be a dodo

Terry Teachout blogs about the decline of the US Postal Service (Who knew that people weren't writing as many letters? Apparently not the US Postmaster General!) and compares it to the death of the classical music industry, "improvements" in news reportage/gathering, the rise and fall of CDs, among other things.
Of course I may be wrong. But the point is that if you aren’t willing even to contemplate the possibility that the way you do what you do may be rendered obsolete by technology, you’re a sitting duck for somebody else in the same line of work who, like it or not, is prepared to think about the unthinkable.
When I think of the ways my profession has changed just in the short time in which I've been a librarian...

Change, however, is not always for good. The push-pull of new toys needs to be balanced with the "why is this good for society". All too frequently, however, that's not the case. Witness modern radio, where live dj's have been replaced by remote programming.

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