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Legalizing Torture: The Republican leadership of Congress is attempting to legalize extraordinary rendition.

"Extraordinary rendition" is the euphemism we use for sending terrorism suspects to countries that practice torture for interrogation. As one intelligence official described it in the Washington Post, "We don't kick the sh*t out of them. We send them to other countries so they can kick the sh*t out of them.”

Write your Representative about this NOW! (รพ: Crooked Timber)

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Anonymous said...

while this may make some cringe and others feel that at least our hands are clean and conscience's clear there are times when this makes sense. whether we want to believe it or not there are those who want us (westerners) all dead or following their beliefs.
to live in the fluffy mentality that we are models of civility should get a reality check as daily we participate in suppression. do you ever think as you pay
4 bucks for a starbucks that the coffee grower gets a fair shake or that when you pay heavily for gas you're supporting the very people who want us under their thumb at least economically?
one of the best (which can be used loosely) israeli interogators never believed in torture of the physical kind but did use some , what americans would call, questionable methods. are we to constantly refer to lawyers as to what may or not may be the correct methods? how do you weigh the pain to one man when
there's a chance that many innocents may die?
for myself i believe that we shouldn't use this method but we should wake up to the fact that sometimes brutality (drugs, sleep deprivation, etc.) are a necessary evil. woe to those who think that by simply being nice all the time we'll prevail.
sometimes it's best to remember it's better to be feared than liked.