The war finally ends

70,000 troops to quit Europe and Asia, says Bush: "President George W Bush yesterday announced the largest shift in US forces since 1945, saying up to 70,000 troops would be brought home from Europe and Asia in the coming decade."

People are all bent out of shape because of the troops in Iraq, demanding an exit policy and timetable. Yet no one demanded the same about the troops in Europe. As Henry Kissinger said, we're still occupying Germany 50 years later. Let's give Iraq a little more time, shall we?

And Vice President Cheney should just stop making these comments.

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Anonymous said...

here's a quick question. how are we going to get foreign aid to the towns that have been living off of our troops and are going to be clocked economically?
having experienced this (stateside unless vermont is considered a foreign country) personnally it can be devastating to the local economy. no one likes foreign troops on their soil but their moneys good.