A trip down memory lane

Yesterday I blogged about my visit to the Dutchess County fair. One of the fun things to do at a county fair is to forget your age and cholesterol level and just enjoy (forgetting the sunscreen is not, however, an option).

Since it was so hot and since it's a carny, why not have a Sno Cone? I'll tell you why not: sometimes they don't come in a paper cone. This is sacrilege akin to the Great Cotton Candy Loss (more on that in a second). No one gets a sno cone for the great taste. It's the eating of the ice with the bug juice syrup dripping down to a slushy mess in the bottom. Having a plastic cone with a rim and a straw just is not the sno cone experience.

Cotton candy, for those of you who haven't been to a fair or sporting event recently, no longer comes on a paper cone. It's in a plastic bag. Why is this disturbing? Part of the fun of cotton candy is the mess: it melts on your face, in your hair and on your hands. People around you are in danger of sticky sugar residue on their clothes. A bag of cotton candy you can save, eat neatly and not worry about others? Un-American!

Friday I spoke with my father, who as a child summered in Long Beach (NY). Friends of his family ran a concession shop and he worked there. When I was a child, we'd go spend part of the summer with my grandparents and a visit to the concession stand was a must. Daddy would slip behind the counter and make me a cotton candy cone. It was magical.

Now that magic is gone from the carny. I did find properly coned sno cones and cotton candy at the circus. Probably by the time you read this, that'll have changed, too.

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Anonymous said...

hopefully they won't decide to put pampers on the livestock at these fairs.