This is wrong on so many levels

Death by Popcorn: "A family night at the movies became every parent's worst nightmare when a toddler choked to death on popcorn after repeated efforts by his frantic folks to save him, Nassau police said yesterday... It was supposed to be a celebratory day for the Queens Village family after the boy's dad, Eddie Riley Sr., 36, got a security job after being unemployed for months."
It's a terrible tragedy, but with a little parental thought and responsibility it could have been avoided.

1. Do not take a three-year-old to a movie. If you want to have a "family night", choose something more appropriate, like dinner at a restaurant. A child that age cannot sit still for the length of the movie, so why subject your fellow moviegoers to the noise and disruption? You also can't adequately supervise children when you're engrossed in a spectacle.

2. If you must take a toddler to a movie, don't make it an R-rated one. Save that for when you have a babysitter. It's rated R for a reason and even though technically you're doing the right thing (the children under 17 are with a parent or guardian) it's just wrong.

3. If there's no way you're going to follow 1 or 2, at least make it something other than Alien v. Predator.

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Ponderable said...

It could have happened at any opportunity with popcorn. That had nothing to do with the film. or its rating. Though I agree with your three points, I would derive them from this tragic event