Something to ponder as September approaches

2 Benedict professors fired over grade policyBut he went along with it grudgingly until he was confronted with an academic dilemma: giving a passing grade to a student he believed had not learned the course material. Since my courses are all Pass/Fail, this is a problem for me. It's easy when the student has done none of the work, that's a simple "FAIL"; when they're there, in class and handing in stuff that clearly shows that they don't care and haven't paid attention and/or learned anything, I'd like to have the option of failing. The second best option, for me, is to grade them A-F so that they know that the Pass is really a D-, or a B+. Even that's been taken away since parents apparently get confused that the child is getting two grades (content and process) for the same piece.

Yes, 90% of being successful is just showing up. But that remaining 10% should be weighted more because in that 10% you weed the wheat from the chaff. "Just" showing up isn't good enough. Not for students, not for teachers, not for anyone. (via The Little Professor)

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