So much for my education

What Shall We Then Read?: "God has no use for the 'classics.'"

Which classics? The Scarlet Letter, Silas Marner, Emma, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, The Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Creseyde, Little Women, Little Men, Anne of Green Gables and more.


Ponderable said...

such articles make me sad. There are other quotes in the bible too. And christians should remember that they are not out of the world. And it is their duty to care for those who didn't find Jesus. How do they do it, if their very world is different?
I don't think that one has to read pornography or horror to be able to speak with people, but those classics do help me to understand people.

Anonymous said...

when you think about it wouldn't God already know the classics as He's kind of responsible for them anyway?