Is anyone else reading this series of columns?

Adam L. Penenberg is writing about blogging for Wired: "The truth about blogs and bloggers is that they are parasitic to the mainstream media they love to hate. Without newspapers, websites, TV and radio to provide them with material to rip apart, many (if not most) blogs would simply not exist. Their motto could easily be: They report, I decide. In essence, bloggers are alphanumeric versions of those pedantic pundits populating cable news and talk radio. You know whom I mean."

His take on the phenomenon is interesting. I don't think I fall into the "hating the mainstream media" category, nor do most of the blogs I follow on a regular basis. Still, it's a valid observation about an emerging "news" source (one not counted in the recent NEA Reading at Risk report as acceptable reading material).

Read the six articles and you decide.

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