I just can't help it

I promised myself I wouldn't rant about the Olympics. But, well, I just can't help it.

First, let's stop pretending that these people are amateurs. Venus Williams? The NBA gang? Please. Amateurs are the Jamaican bobsled team.

Second, I'm glad the men's basketball team got spanked by Puerto Rico. Why? Because they epitomize what's wrong with the NBA. It's not a team sport any more, it's a group of individuals who just happen to wear the same uniform. (heresy alert) Michael Jordan was one of the worst things to happen to professional basketball. He may have been a very skilled player, but he was a one-man team. The other four just let him do whatever he wanted, and officials became blinded to his constant walking. Instead of learning how to play, everyone wanted to "be like Mike". And this (login required) is the result.

Third, while I understand the tricky political situation that leads to Taiwan being called Chinese Taipei, exactly why do Puerto Rico and Hong Kong have teams at the Olympics?

Fourth, can the commentators just please shut up?

Fifth, who cares if Phelps does or doesn't tie Mark Spitz' record? Spitz competed during a particularly harrowing moment in history and did an amazing job for someone who's life was potentially in danger. Phelps v. the Thorpedo? Yawn. At least there's a real competition there, unlike when America's Sweetheart (Mary Lou Retton) was supposed to have been the best of the best. Exactly how we've arrived at that conclusion is beyond me. The people that could have (would have) challenged her weren't there.

I feel better now.

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Ponderable said...

That's just the reason I don't watch the Games.

AND if I watch sports I turn the sound down, my own comments are enough for me.