I hope he wins the suit

Flight ID Fight Revived. "Backed by a phalanx of civil liberties groups, civil liberties iconoclast John Gilmore on Monday relaunched his legal campaign against the federal government's requirement that airlines ask passengers for photo identification in order to board a plane... 'I'm not willing to show my passport to travel in my own country," Gilmore said in an interview. "I am not willing to have my rights taken away by bureaucrats who issue secret laws in the dead of night.'"
Showing my driver's license or passport makes about as much sense as those questions they used to ask about who packed your luggage and whether it'd been in your sight ever since you closed it. Any hijacker worth their salt knows to get a photo id and how to answer those questions.

The only reason I can see to require it is so that if there is a disaster they have an accurate flight list. There are stories about people lying about losing someone in the World Trade Center disaster, and one wants to prevent that sort of fraud. It's doubtful that showing an ID can provide a list, though. Particularly since the attendants rarely really look at the photo nor do they check it against anything other than the flight list. (via in lieu of radio)

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