Excuse me?

Florida Court Dismisses Touchscreen Suit: "A state appeals court dismissed a lawsuit that sought a paper trail for Florida's new touchscreen voting machines, ruling Friday that voters are not guaranteed 'a perfect voting system.' "

After all the other problems Florida has had with voting, you'd think that they'd try to get it right this time. However, there is the whole problem with Diebold and it's antipathy to all things D/democratic.

And then there's this: "the New York Times 2000 presidential election decider, which allows you to pick a set of ballot-acceptance standards and find out whether, according to information compiled during the 'media recount', Bush or Gore would have won." ColbyCosh.com used an incredibly liberal view of what counted, and still came out with what the media (using the FOIA to subpoena the ballots) decided: Bush won Florida.

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