Crescat Sententia writes: "Are blogs real? How accurate a representation of a blogger is one's blog? Could I get to know someone just by reading his or her blog? How well? Well enough to fall in love? For that matter, how well could I get to know someone in the non-blog-world, the 'real world'? Is there any guarantee that the person I meet out there is showing me his or her true self?"
Milbarge goes on to talk about developing crushes on the blog (or is it blogger?). I don't think that I "crush" in the same way that this is talking about, but I do know that I've found some of the blogs I follow to have been created by people I'm pretty sure I'd like to get to know. Other blogs are, well, just sources for links and information. It may be odd, but that's what's always been the main attraction for me about anyone: their mind. Are they intelligent? witty? well read? able to converse about a multitude of topics? Blogs that appeal to me have all those qualities.

Chicha's guest blogger points out that "what really matters, from the blogstalking/crushing perspective, is how to tell when you're getting a) people's true selves, b) people's best selves, c) the selves people wish they have, or d) the selves you wouldn't want them to have, really."

I'll let you figure out which of the above matches this blog/blogger.

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