Wired News: Bloggers Suffer Burnout

Wired News: Bloggers Suffer Burnout: "Blogging for some is an obvious labor of love, and having a forum that belongs to them and enables them to write whatever they want, and have it seen by throngs of readers, is a very attractive proposition. This is especially true because blogging is a timeless endeavor and one that allows authors to vent about whatever's on their minds." (via Eclectic Librarian
Being new to the world of blogging, fatigue hasn't set in yet. Nor do I suspect that millions are reading what I put up (I'd settle for tens!). There are blogs that are "destination reads" (see the blogroll on the left) and I have to admit that I feel disappointed when they don't post on a regular basis. Some blogs, though, have fallen by the wayside as they get updated seemingly hundreds of times a day. How do these people find the time to have a life? And how can they possibly really ponder the nature of their posts?

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