Why I Hate Personal Weblogs

Why I Hate Personal Weblogs: "Chapter 2 - Why do they do it?
There are, I'm sure, as many reasons to keep weblogs as there are weblogs authors, however, some common threads surely exist between them. What could motivate someone to keep a public journal of their innermost thoughts? What possible reasons would someone have? Are some legitimately insightful or original, of course! Are most? No, probably not. So why? Well, I think most can be classified into one (or many) of several basic categories."

This is something with which I've been wrestling, ever since I decided to create a blog. What sort of blog should it be? While I disagree with some of the tone of this essay, the list of types of bloggers resonated:

  • The Reverse Voyeur
  • The Exhibitionist
  • The Self-Important Moron
  • The Obsessive-Delusional Ranter
  • The Town Crier
  • The Tragically Geek
  • The Ego Stroker
  • The Crossover Poster
  • The Aspiring Writer
  • The Pedant (a subclassification of Self Important Moron)

I'll leave it up to any readers to decide which type of blogger I am.

For what it's worth, my goal is to get used to blogging so that I can start one for my school library. Beyond that, it's a way to share thoughts and comments and nonsense with friends. Those that know me know I run a clipping service (both e- and print). Perhaps this can take the place of some of those mailings.

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