A perfect moment

Over the weekend, I went to see Before Sunset. This is the sequel to Before Sunrise, and unlike most sequels it really works.

It got me thinking about the nature of love. Can one meet someone and know - absolutely know - that this is "the one" that completes you? What happens if you don't follow through on that? Is it possible that there are either second chances or second possibilities? I'd like to think so.

What made the two films work for me was that it was love, not lust, that was being portrayed. Sex was almost incidental; the attraction of two people for each other, the meeting of minds and ideas and values... how rare that is in the media today. How much more exciting and erotic to imagine what happens, rather than having that graphically spelled out by the writer/director/actors.

One of my favorite love scenes is in Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers. Lord Peter and Harriet go punting on the Isis and pull off onto a bank for a rest. Peter falls asleep and Harriet sits there, entranced by the whorls of his ear. That's it. The ear. You can feel her mind working and her heart being filled with her feelings for this man.

That's what you get from these two films. Go see them.

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