ArtsJournal: About Last Night: "Once I left Smalltown for the big city, I started to make friends whose interests resembled mine more closely, and in time learned to suppress the self-consciousness of my childhood. Yet it can still be inflamed by a certain kind of kidding, some of which has lately been occasioned by the blogosphere-wide spread of the Teachout Cultural Concurrence Index. You'd be surprised -- or not -- by how many bloggers have posted comments about the TCCI that basically boil down to 'Dude, this thing's soooo highbrow!' Such talk rarely fails to trigger the same squirmy sensation I experience whenever a well-meaning stranger asks what I'm reading. Even now, there's a part of me that wishes I knew all about baseball instead of ballet."

I can identify with this. When I was younger, my friends found it odd that my favorite activity was reading their books, and that I had little tolerance (or ability) for playing Barbie. As I've aged, my "oddity" has become more ingrained (although I prefer to think of it less as oddness and more as semi-endearing eccentricity). Quite probably those around me aren't so tolerant.

Is this TMI? Well, probably. But this blog is a work-in-progress and the "tone" hasn't quite been set.

For the record, my TCCI score is 83%. Not that it means anything.

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