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  • Concerned that you're not as "with it" as you should be? Try the Acronym Finder or the The Slang Dictionary. You can also re-learn how to communicate with the High-Tech Dictionary Emoticons and theSmileys, emoticons and SMS text messaging lingo dictionary. Good luck!
  • Ever wondered What Kind of Elitist You Are?. Here's a surprise: I'm a Books and Literature Snob ("You speak eloquently and have seemingly read every book ever published. You are a fountain of endless (sometimes useless) knowledge, and never fail to impress at a party. What people love: You can answer almost any question people ask, and have thus been nicknamed Jeeves. What people hate: You constantly correct their grammar and insult their paperbacks.")
  • And speaking of words: WordCount is an elegant and interactive ranking of the 86,800 most frequently used words in English, and is best used with disregard to the ideas espoused on its “about" page:
    Observing closely ranked words tells us a great deal about our culture. For instance, “God” is one word from “began”, two words from “start”, and six words from “war”. Another sequence is “america ensure oil opportunity”. Conspiracists unite! As ever, the more one explores, the more is revealed.
  • (the above two links courtesy of Cup of Chica)
  • THE VICTORIAN INTERNET: "What would the Victorians have made of the interweb? " (via Maud)
  • Where are you on the political spectrum? The Political Compass will tell you. (And for those of you that think you know me, I'm left and libertarian.)
  • I Am Bored. I took their reading test. Turns out that I'm reading slower than I used to. Age catches up with all of us, I guess

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Ponderable said...

I am also left libertarian on this scale, but being not an American may account for the fact that I am seen as right libertarian in my society.