He had me until the end

(link from ColbyCosh.com)

A lot of people I know think that Farenheit 9/11 is speaking truth to power and that anything Michael Moore does is brilliant and should be seen by the widest possible audience. I've had problems with the veracity in his films (which are not, Oscar award to the contrary, documentaries but more historical fiction) and won't waste my money seeing what he produces.

This is another view of Moore's work: Pete's Diary - 7 Jul 2004. The kicker (for me) is the last line. No further comment needed.


Ponderable said...

sadly enough the link doesn't work for me. And what's more: the last entry of the Twonsend diary is just now (19.7.2004, 16 pm. (middle European time) from June...

Lazygal said...

For some reason, Pete Townsend has removed the link from his diary. The comment he made was, essentially, that he (as a Guitar God and member of The Who) had changed more lives that Moore ever would.