Can I get an amen?!

USATODAY.com - Low-scale desktop software pushed again as Windows alternative SOMERS, N.Y. — The idea is straightforward: Instead of giving employees computers packed with features they rarely use, companies could save tons of cash by distributing simple machines tied to powerful central servers.
MS has notoriously buggy, insecure products. They're also known as bloatware because they come with features no one uses and/or wants. If you've been using computers for a while (I started with a Commodore PET), you know that there's better stuff out there. Don't be a slave to Redmond, check out these alternatives:
  • Open Office (instead of Office) Free
  • Firefox (instead of Internet Explorer) Free
  • Eudora (instead of Outlook) Free
  • WordPerfect (instead of Office) $
  • your local library will have links to far better encyclopedias than Encarta

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